Fully integrated into DogeCola Ecosystem. DogeBull represents a whole new concept into our main project. Holders will be able to win big while buybacks of DogeCola (our original soft drink token) will be done continously spiking the price of both crypto tokens.



Just imagine gettin’ daily reflections in a token that continuosly increase in price with daily team buys that will get you more reflections… brain damaging uh?

Our DogeBull Smart Contract will buy DogeCola automatically and distribute it to every holder…price will continuosly spike.

While in every other tokens holders are only able to get reflection we’ve come up with a whole new contract concept (tailored coded) that will continuously buy DogeCola while pumping the chart… This DogeCola is not to be sold anymore nor will it be burned, instead, it will be re-distributed among all DogeCola holders.

This represents, again, a new crypto feature delivered by our team that has not been done before.

While DogeBull spikes in price the same will happen to DogeCola since the contract will perform continuous buys on a daily basis based on volumes.

Just imagine gettin’ daily reflections in a token that continuosly increase in price.

*DogeCola contract will not suffer any major modification.


Very soon in several exchanges… keep tuned!

Trading starts Oct 20th


What’s inside?

Crazy Redistribution

7% Redistribution in DogeCola

7% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. Hold DogeBull tokens, earn DogeCola.

*A minimum of 200.000 DogeCola tokens are required in order to receive rewards.

Automatic Rewards

Rewards Paid Automatically

You don´t need to claim your earned DogeCola. It is automatically sent to your wallet. Just add the DogeCola token address to your wallet and you’re all set.

Massive Marketing

Massive Marketing Allocation

7% of every transaction is allocated to Marketing in DogeBull. This allows us to fuel our most ambitious projects in service to further reward our community while feeding the whole DogeCola Ecosystem.

Bigger Liquidity and Stability

1% Autoliquidity Pool

1% of every transaction is converted into liquidity for PancakeSwap. This automatically helps create a higher price floor while increasing stability.

Buy Fees

Totalling 15% fee on every buy. This distribution is intended to support our growth and our marketing efforts! As with every project, the confidence showed by holders at all times will determine the behaviour of the chart during a given period.

Sell Fees

Totalling 15% fee on every sell. This helps to keep whales and bots under little control since reenter the chart after dumping, and given the case every holder don´t panic along, will always be more expensive and difficult while increasing rewards on every holder’s wallet.

*The transfer of DogeBull between different wallets will take 15% fees. Please bear this in mind before moving forward with any transfer. Be safe!


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