DogeCola Launches Its First GameFi Platform

If the launch of a non-alcoholic beverage by a cryptocurrency company was not enough of a surprise, DogeCola, the famous name in the meme-based cryptocurrency market, has now come up with its first GameFi, the MoonAlley.

The game MoonAlley currently gives the players the chance to win DogeCola tokens. In the future, the players will also be able to win NFTs every week playing this infinity game. On the first day of the game launch, the website got 10k players, which shows the popularity and wide acceptance of the platform by crypto investors. The DogeCola founder, Chris, and his team are thrilled with the results, and they are now working on other games and a bigger GameFi platform.

GameFi or Crypto gaming is the new ecosystem created for crypto investors who love to play computer games. It is a trending new way to earn cryptocurrency while playing games that run on a cryptocurrency network. It has a distributed ledger architecture that may be partially or fully distributed. These games allow users to have verifiable ownership of the virtual assets in the game.

Entering the cryptocurrency gaming industry shows the determination and farsightedness of Chris and his team, which indicates that DogeCola is here to stay and aims to bring cryptocurrency into the traditional economy of the world. A recent study shows that more than 75% of online gamers wish to trade their virtual assets for a currency utilized on other platforms. Due to the opportunity to acquire and sell virtual assets that can be traded anywhere globally, crypto gaming has become increasingly popular. The gaming sector has also found it to be a safe and straightforward method to make money. Further, with more and more money currently being invested in the GameFi market, it’s clear that crypto gaming is on track to become a standalone business. To cash in on the new craze, several studios have also jumped on the crypto-gaming bandwagon, and DogeCola must be proud to be an early bird in this growing industry.

Designed in 2013 and launched in July 2021, DogeCola is a decentralised beverage that aims to introduce cryptocurrency to the masses while also saving the planet from garbage and plastic pollution. DogeCola is based on Binance Smart Chain, which provides 10x quicker block speeds and lower gas fees than the original Doge currency. With its hyper-deflationary nature and the built-in integrated innovative staking system, the DogeCola is designed to reward its holders so that DogeCola coins get added to the user’s wallet with each transaction. Its auto-boost feature maintains its price high by repurchasing a certain amount each time the DogeCola token is sold. Tokens are disposed of by burning. This is a one-of-a-kind feature with far greater potential than a standard repurchase token. To keep things stable, the AutoBoost is often volume-dependent. The fluctuation is due to the transactions that have taken place in the last 24 hours, and this fluctuation will continue to change in response to volume.

With its unique plans and marketing strategies, The Crypto Company is moving fast forward on the path to its long-term goal of making the still growing cryptocurrency industry at par with any fiat currency. DogeCola offers sufficient guarantees to buyers in the form of a KYC compliance certificate and a security audit passed report for security evaluation.