Staking DogeCola & DogeBull

How does Staking work?

When you stake your DogeCola/DogeBull, you are able to choose how much of your tokens you want to delegate to the contract. You can stake any amount of tokens. However, you will only be able to perform transactions with the unstaked amount of tokens inside your wallet.

Staking doesn’t take effect immediately. When you stake your tokens, you will need to wait for several blocks to start earning rewards.

How does unstaking work?

When you decide to unstake your DogeCola/DogeBull inside DogeCola DAPPS, you can only unstake all of your currently staked balance. Your funds may take few minutes to become available for use again.

After unstaking your tokens, all you need to do is wait for your tokens to be available again in your wallet

Does DogeCola DAPPS charge a fee to stake my DOGECOLA/DOGEBULL?

No, our app does not charge a fee! There are a few BNB network fees:

Staking fees: A transaction fee for sending the delegation transaction when you stake your DOGECOLA / DOGEBULL.

Unstaking fees: An “unstake” transaction fee when you decide to unstake your TOKENS.

A “withdraw” transaction fee that is required to move your unstaking TOKENS back to your wallet so it can be used again.

Is there a minimum number of days I need to stake my tokens?

This depends on the pool. Some pools have a minimum number of days some not.

How do I claim my rewards?

Open the pool where you staked your tokens and click on claim rewards.

What happens when pool expires?

Your stake will not generate rewards anymore. You can just unstake your tokens and join a new pool.


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